Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday - 29th of December in the year of our Lord 2009

Another day in Paradise: the snow has stopped; the sun came out; the roads are now fairly clear. These are BIG things in my life, these days, because they mean I am mobile. If I have the help of Sandy and Linda, I mean.

Saturday Dad and I watched Night in the Mueseum 2-- Battle in the Smithsonian. Funny.

Sunday or sinday, as I mistyped it first, I returned the toy that didn't work (to WM) and I grabbed a couple pounds of ground round to make some meat dinners. [I miss protein, and we eat a lot of fish. I hate vegetables - i imagine because I don't season them properly.]

We watched Star Trek and imagined William Shatner as the young Kirk. Leonard Nimoy had a cameo part, but i missed the real Scotty and loved the new Uhura - but hated the love angle with Spoc.

Yesterday is really a blur. I got Dad a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts for Christmas at Jacques Penna~s. We ate red meat. We did stay up late and watch a movie and laugh [Major Pain]

Karen the physical therapist visited today. Her mission was to get Dad up on the side of the bed and let him do bendover exercises. He didn't want to; he's been so stiff and generally non-responsive to most cajoling; however, he did and now (at 4:30pm) he's sleeping.

I've been threatening to get my hair cut before I go back to school on Monday. Tomorrow is my last chance (I figure) because I will have to stay home (I've been to wally world and Krogee's often since the thaw) and get some work done soon.

I enjoyed listening to the Comedy CD Tracy and Keith got me for Christmas; I drove around with the heat on the seat ;+) and listened - shocked somewhat by what passes for comedy in the elite places of the world [I get my culture from TV, random video discs, and NPR - when I get the chance.] But, it WAS funny, and I laughed; and I listend over again...

I've talked to Cousin Susie and Cousin Leah, and Cousin Sandy - Eddie's cousin- and Nephew Joey ... I've waited by the mailbox to get info. Not much happening there.

So, it's time to get out the new lamp I bought. I don't change overhead bulbs at all -- and they all seem to blow out at once. Therefore, I need lamps - I can reach burned out bulbs in lamps. [Any excuse of a new piece of furniture.]

You see the picure I post is a clue to the kind of lamp I bought. See if you can figure it out.

Happy New Year, too.

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