Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday night - Tomorrow is a SNOW DAY

Hello again folks,

I know I've been spending my two snowstorm days on FACEBOOK - updating every two hours as I battle the 15 inches of snow in the driveway on the patio and on the steps. Just trying to communicate with the outside world and let some one know I'm still upright. But, as I succumb to the aches and pains of snow shovelling and, of course, old age, I will share with only blog readers - who probably know me best ;)

Bill did come down with the snow blower this afternoon at 4 and I thought - we are going to get this driveway cleared finally - hurrah.... But, evidently as I slathered Aspercreme on my joints, Bill's snow blower met with difficulty - he got one track up the blacktop, with many missteps, and pushed his machine back down the hill and into his truck and was gone, before I could get out there for my 5 o'clock shovelling detail....

I took the shovel as a walking stick to the newspaper box (I can't get to the mail box - snowplow put 5 feet of snow in front of it.) and realized what a foolish thing when I almost fell - picturing me freezing to death down there at dusk, because you know I can't get up off the floor, let alone get up from a slippery surface. There. Now I've vented. I am careful; but I am ashamed that I can't do what I've always done. I cleared that driveway last year and the year before a couple of times (and Bill helped, too, occasionally.)

I called Linda and told her hubby to tell her not to come tomorrow... I don't have a place for her to park and Taylor county has finally called for a snow day. Yippee.... She is Christmas shopping. I'm making a list, but I don't foresee going out for several days - unless I get hold of Jeff. Which reminds me, I should call him tonight..... most problems can be solved if there is enough time and or money.

So enough of my whine... labels for this post should read: Rants, Whines and other TMI stuff.

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  1. Glad to hear you got a snow day. I think the Federal Govt. in DC also got a snow day for tomorrow. Glad there is at least a path to the road now.