Saturday, April 30, 2011

It is a glorious day here in the valley!

Saturday - the last one of the"vacation"... sunny, warm to cool... grass green and trim... no bunny guts on the back porch today (I swept them off yesterday).

Stan slept until 4 PM - we got cleaned up and he ate something around 6:30 (P.M.)
The days n nights are turned around.

Exxon in the news is a good topic for the blog.
The stress has not lessened. However, when the sun shines, I think there is hope for time...

Time to get a haircut: I cut Stan's hair today. I saw Oprah has a bob that makes her look 20 years younger. I want to look 20 years younger, too. Mebbe I will get a bob tomorrow... mebbe not....

Life looks do-able when I'm feelin' good; not so do-able when I need aspirin, or I'm sweatin' as I walk around...

All the tax checks have been cashed - the government got its share. Exxon stocks have been advertised in our paper as being VERY profitable this quarter. I guess that doesn't mean much to us as we drive gas-guzzlers - money in money out - the AC is fixed in the LHS - yes almost 1k. So that's @ 2k so far this year to keep it on the road. I couldn't get much of a car for 2oo a month payment, so I'm lucky.

In the idle moments, I think about decorating our living space.
It makes me happy to think about it; it makes me sad to know I can't afford much to anything for decorating.  Whenever I hear a lawnmower, I think of $$$.Whenever I see a commercial for an electrician switching out receptacles, I think $$$.

I used to consider the money; now I see money first, then the choices.

Good times: the girls cooked and cleaned up. The kitchen is vintage.

Good times: Delia drew the solar system and Zoey walked on the Moon.

 It's hard to get good pictures of my family. But I did manage these. ;-)

And so it goes.


  1. Such pretty pictures! Nice to see them, looks like fun. I love the solar system artwork!

  2. Well, these pictures have convinced me to get a haircut! :)

  3. I like those pictures! Zoey does too! xoxo

    See you soon!