Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Plans?

Vacations, and the holidays attached to them, come and go without much fanfare here in the valley. We seem to have misplaced the joi de verve of these traditional days.

Next Sunday is Amanda's birthday. Happy Birthday Amanda. I haven't forgotten.  I was thinking about you, and that momentous occasion, when I read your blog just a few minutes ago.  Enjoy and do something you've decided is celebratory: something different from the normal day.

That date is shared every year with Grandpa's birthday in 1917 and , this year, with Easter.

Maybe we will have some "ship loads of gold" to celebrate or pickled eggs. I'm sure if Delia and Zoey get over here, there will be CANDY and some outdoor egg hunt. If it happens, they will bring the celebration, like they bring the sunshine when they come to visit. With just us, there is no energy to do anything extra.

I have done all the required things - paid the taxes, closed old accounts, prepared for the next go-round of medical activities... It's all just tiresome.
I hope Spring Break is more fun, but realistically, I don't expect it.

L8tr, Sports Fans.


  1. I hate that picture!!!
    But thanks for the birthday love. I'll be celebrating on route 66.