Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days giveth and taketh away...

caption: the 500 dollar  chair

We've been visited by Health Nurse Julia, Speech Therapist Sierra, and numerous phone calls: Bragg's office girl, Hospice Lady, my seesta, my friend Val -- and that's about all. Can you spell E X C I T E MENT?
We ate sushi for lunch.

Yes, we had a "snow day" - no school in most WV counties; however, we have lost the 27th of January as an Instructional Support 1/2 Day and have gained it as another Instructional Day. yippee!

The tests I should be grading are still on the dining room table, but the clothes are in the washer/dryer...I'm not taking pictures on these days - looks pretty much like last year: A solid 6 inches of the white stuff on all flat surfaces.                                        

                              Tomorrow starts the weekend: Just the Two of Us. You can insert music here...
Catch you up later.
I didn't even get a nap. (but I do have a stock up pack of screw top wine bottles...)

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  1. Hey, that chair in your post is in my dining room! Except instead of a red cushion it has Keith's bum on it.

    I love you, hope it stays clear so we can come see you on sunday.