Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny how the years fly by...

This Blog was a great way to record the passing of days last year. When SNOW DAYS happened, I really got into this writing/blogging thing. I took pictures and posted them here. I woke up every morning checking every one's blog in the family (hoping, of course, for new pictures, new stories, or just contact.) It was so cool.

Now, however, I'm enrolled in facebook. The social Network. yeah.

I check for new messages daily - and it takes forever...... I scroll down to see what posts have happened to my family and friends.... it takes forever.... We've had something like 10 snow days this year and I haven't blogged much at all. I've been too busy saying"when will they call it off?" and waiting for an answer - any answer.

This photo is from our Yellowstone vacation a few years ago probably in 2006 when we went to Cody, WY and the Remington Museum where all the GUNS are. It was cool. We never did tell anyone how much fun we had, nor did we share the photos. But they're on the web, now, buddy!!! and I will be pulling them off occasionally to reminisce. You bet 'cha.

Our lives, here in the Valley, haven't changed all that much. I'm still going out to work daily - unless I get a better offer( snow days) and he is still lying in that bed watching the mind numbing television programs on the Big Screen.

Yes, our children (young adults now) and grandchildren are growing up. And moving on. Time Flies no matter how much fun we are having. And that is how it is. And that is how it must be.

Norma and Dave are leaving tomorrow for a short time -3 months or so - in Florida. They had no power last night due to the storm outages and will probably have no power tonight. They are using gas logs in the fireplace and gas stoves on the porch; and oil lamps. They are in their 80's.
Good for you, family.

Here are some nice winter pictures I stole from my friend Dot. These were taken in her backyard. She's taken these birds to raise this winter. We have no color like this in our yard this winter. Our birds are spring young families (Bluebirds) Their nests are still here from Dad's birdhouse building days. Thanks, Dad.

I have really used these two days to rest and reconsider what I'm doing on this planet. I've tried to get my stuff together, then I forget where I put it literally and figuratively.

Preston, Randolph, Upshur are closed already for tomorrow 5:45 on Thursday evening.1-27-11 Snow will fall in time for tomorrow's commute...

Did I mention that the nurse tried to get up the drive in her two wheel drive car and stopped before she got to the patio - almost spun into the yard, but recovered and stayed in the drive to back down later. I shoveled with the long handled flat shovel - the snow shovel wouldn't get under the ice well enough to suit me... but I quit before I uncovered much of anything. Heart attack snow if there ever was some...

Linda and Sandy came today from 9 - 3 going home before the roads froze again... They always help BigTime. Linda's daughter in law will be the notary for my signature on Tuesday for the estate final papers. The clerk will mail them to me soon and I'll forward them to Barb. No worries. Just more red tape.


  1. I love the weather squirrel on your header! fun!

    I was grateful for the snow day too, but looks like work for us tomorrow.
    Hope the sun melts lots of the snow for us both.

  2. Those bird pictures are so cool! At work we have ornamental cherry trees in the yard and the birds have really been at 'em this week. We have a bunch of robins and blue jays and some brown and white little guys that might be starlings but could just as easily not. The cardinal and his girlfriend at my house are getting skinny, I noticed this afternoon.

    Hope to see you this weekend. Don't mess with that heart attack snow, we will clean it up on Sunday.

    I love you!

  3. We had a neat bird feeder in Sacramento - right outside our dining room windows. The most fun was to see the squirrels trying to get the bird feed. They will do anything - cartwheels even, to get some of the food. Crazy squirrels!