Sunday, January 16, 2011

I don't like being a grown-up.

The middle of the month of January.
Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.
          Nothing much to report here. We did have sushi again this weekend for Sunday dinner. I think I've found something easy to fix, small enough to serve and have no leftovers (I eat all leftovers immediately or at least the next day) That sticky rice and soy sauce w/wasabi and ginger is pretty good.
          The weather was warmer today; I tried to break up some ice on the driveway with a hoe, on my way to the paperbox. The blacktop heats from the bottom up and if I had been successful, I would have cleared the whole dang thing... but, I was more interested in staying upright (and getting the paper.) Maybe tomorrow's warmer temps (after the morning 9 degrees - predicted) should get to 20 something and sunny again... will clear the whole thing. At any rate, the rain is coming (and the cold at night - aughhhhh) my science is shakey - probably icy on Tuesday and Wednesday and who knows what from then on.
          My friend Janet wrote on f/b that her (newly diagnosed Parkinson's) Father, 86, was on his way to hospital for dehydration due to unable to swallow [syndrome] w/ complications from Alzheimer's, too.
          Dehydration is a real threat. I woke Stanley around noon and tried to get him to drink - he is very hard to awaken on the weekends. I get up @5 or 6 and try to give him water and pills, sometimes that's ok, sometimes not. At 9 he was still sleeping. I watched CBS Sunday morning. At 11 he was still sleeping; so finally, I got him awake and we had breakfast juice, eggs and fruit. And after 12 we got the morning pills. We watched BET and the Rosa Parks story. Pretty good.
          Around 5 we got the afternoon pills. And he fell back asleep at 8 so there are no evening pills tonight. We'll start the coumadin again tomorrow night - 3 mg, until we get it checked in a couple weeks - no one seems to be alarmed, or cares... no one is following the case yet. I have hired Hospice, so I can get a blood draw for the coumadin check and get a urine draw for the infection check. But these things are slow to happen, and wouldn't have happened if I hadn't called these guys in. They will probably come once a week, and call to check every so often...
          Stan is very thin. His hands are crippled by what looks like arthritis. But his mind is still sharp. He smiles and sorta laughs at stuff on TV. He looks at me when I talk about family and problems at home. He ignores me when I ask "Are you in pain? Do you need something?"
          Last night, we had a good time watching the Steelers play the Ravens (started at 4:30). Earlier, Linda and Sandy came over and cared for him while I went to the store. I will have to get back in training for shopping. It's like running a marathon, if you haven't done it for a while. I could only last from 10 til 2 - go figure... Now that I think about it, that late night is probably why he slept in today.  Don't worry; we've got it under control.

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  1. We stayed in, it was a bad asthma day for Keith. Had some soup and made some soap and watched TV.
    Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow!