Friday, January 7, 2011

No School Today in Taylor County

I can remember when I loved to hear those words.

Hey, family! Make some new blog posts, please. I need to hear from you. Looking for your posts is no fun if you make no posts.


  1. Because Ed is staying home today with the kitchen workers, he took me to an early breakfast at Silver Diner. Got to my office at 8 AM and was still the first person there. Go figure.
    (I am usually there at 7AM)

  2. Baby, it's cold outside. I slept in after the initial phone calls -- 3 of them. I dreamed for three hours. Restless. Awful dreams in color: Mom was there, some school people, Tim and Louise, it was a Murder Mystery weekend played in Sun Valley, hosted by someone at the house... Stanley could walk, but couldn't talk... It was SO REAL. And I kept thinking, if I had seen these people when I was awake, I would never have run naked through the house this morning - getting dressed for the day...
    Hope your breakfast was nice.
    It's snowing here again... (noon)

  3. I thought about you when I heard there was no school in Taylor County!
    Lucky You!