Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Traditional Thanksgiving Day is coming to a close.

Rain. That's how the day presented itself. Grey. Foggy. And totally too warm for November.

My one foray into the daylight was a short trek to the newspaper box. Red umbrella, light jacket and me, huff'n puffin' back up the driveway.

Leah, who called yesterday, Trisha, Susie, Kim, and Barbara who all called today - had gobble, gobble wishes and stories. Tracy sent her love via f/b, too.

Yesterday, Sandy helped me rig up some colorful lights on the deck and set up the bk porch for Saturday's overflow...  Today, Trisha called, still ill with the bad sore throat and coughing. Maybe not coming Saturday. She really feels bad and sounds bad. We'll know more tomorrow and Saturday morning.

Dad suffered through the day in good spirits despite the fact that I was his sole caretaker. We didn't do too badly - We watched the Parade, the Dog Show and random Burn Notices. I crock potted some meatballs and sauce - which we eventually ate for dinner.

I picked the wrong day to dust and run the sweeper - too dark, too soon.  Better luck on another day.

Cold air is on the way. I swear it snowed on the deck Wednesday evening already.

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