Monday, November 22, 2010

I've decided. I want to be famous like Sarah Palin!

Oh boy. Things must really be crazy for me to post that in my title. Or not.

Think about it: I am a woman. I am registered Republican. I vote regularly. I speak to my students, colleagues, administrators and the public when called upon.  I could get a soap box (the internet) and do some free advice giving...

I have children (who also have children.) I am a college graduate with a degree in education w/ majors in English and social studies, too. I have a Master's Degree in Social Studies education. I could write a BOOK.

I have had the same husband for 41 years. I have experiences in LIFE and death. I know what life is like in nursing homes. I have experience with our private health care system and our government run health care. I've dealt with Medicare, funeral homes, and insurance companies. I know what it's like to be management and union. I'm still in the workforce.

I've flown in commercial airplanes, but not since 911. I know what its like to be comfortable in life and to be on the verge of losing everything. I have travelled across the country a couple of times - east to west and back north to south and back.
I have shot a gun. I have driven on mountain roads, back roads, superhighways and crowded highways. I read magazines: Saudi Arabia World, National Geographic, occasionally Newsweek. I read newspapers (mostly local.) I can be outspoken. I may take up a cause and raise money to find a cure.

My home state is beautiful. From my front porch, I can see West Virginia. And from my desk, I can see anywhere in the world.

Now, why wouldn't I make a good contrast to Sarah Palin? The media could put me right up there on TV every time they give her three minutes of free attention. I could talk about IMHO anything: Parkinson's, stem cell research, caregivers, parenting, religion, and oh yeah, the government. Also I have opinions on "flying after 911", education and America, testing in America, just get me started.

Currently, my kids don't dance; but they can learn. They do other fascinating things and are polar opposites - much more publicity for me....
The BOOK could be one like Hilary's or "W"'s - it really won't matter, because the media will push it and I'll be out of debt.
BTW, I went to the basement (of the Estate) to get out the seasonal decorations. I put them back after 2 out of three strings of lights didn't work. Time to rethink this decorating stuff.


  1. I think I'll just hang some Xmas glitter on Amanda's palm tree!

  2. One of the (many) fascinating things that I do is decorate stuff... My offer to bring you a (faux) tree with some trimmings still stands. But hurry and let me know before I come to see you or you'll end up with a New Year's Tree!

    Oh and yes, I think you should write a book. I'd read it.

  3. I saw a Charlie Brown Xmas tree at Aldis, just like the one from the show, but it is plastic. I will bring you one if you like, but I'd rather bring you a real one.

    p.s. I can dance, but I wouldn't do it for a television audience. I love you.