Saturday, November 13, 2010

Part two of today's posting @ Moundsville's Museum

 Costumes through the century is, I think, the name of this exhibit. Dolls dressed in period clothes with props, like the bicycle and the umbrellas.
 There were so many of us, the museum called in more volunteer docents to help us understnd what was in the exhibit hall.

 Too bad my group didn't get to see this exhibit up close. Kids love marbles and this would have made interesting reading for them. Maybe a feature in Golden Seal Magazine? I'll have to check.

 More Dolls. Up close and personal.
 Diorama: village or housing of early inhabitants of the Ohio Valley. Also a display of early weapons oand tools: fishing nets, spears, atlatl, bow and arrow...
I'll post the Homer Laughlin China pictures on the next posting...

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