Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Daze and Moandays always make me cry

This picture does NOT make me cry, regardless of the fact that this IS a Moanday. I am extremely happy to be able to repost this, because I love hearing about what they are doing. And I love sharing little tidbits. But on to the messages of the day:

April showers, again.

Everything is greening-up.

Dandelions are showing off their white heads and long skinny necks.

And the rain keeps pouring down.

And the lions lose their manes; but the skeleton necks remain behind - awaiting the lawn care blade.

School was stressful today. It is becoming evident that I have lost a great deal of personal collateral with students. There was a time when "membership in their world" alone would go a long way in solving issues and problems inside the classroom, but not now - I think the magic of "thinking on my feet" has abandoned me. That, and the fact that my age is showing. Old think. Slow. And not cool.

I got two cards/letters from Susie. Life is not simple; but, the law is [simple - that is.] 911 has changed everything forever!

She's trying to keep her driver's license - needs a copy of her marriage certificate (from somewhere in Virginia, when she was 17. Now she is 5 years older than I am, can't remember the courthouse where she might find the paperwork, has sent an order out for information, but has no guarantee of results.) About this she called Johnnie S. who might know - but doesn't...

I wish I could help her. She's been like the secret sister (that's a story [ the secret baby story ]for another place. Call me and ask me.)

Tracy, Keith and Delia shared our tenderloin on Sunday - Tracy cooked. Dinner was delicious. She has a funny story about her curbside garden.

I saw Trisha's blog and her dinner was delicious, too. BACON...

I read Amanda's fb, her friends are FABULOUS!

Joey's noises must come from the clothes he wears - corduroy pants - and the fact that I - his OTHER MOTHER - sing in the car...and he doesn't drive, but walks everywhere, he has inherited my singing while travelling ability. I didn't want to tell him that personal stuff on fb. His friends just would not understand...

The weather is going to turn colder: frost in the Mt's Tuesday night...

30 days left in this year with students, or so I've been told. But who's counting.

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