Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009 - A BEAUTIFUL Day in the Valley

You guys don't know what you are missing.
The air was cooler today(about 70) the sun was muted but shining.

It is a typical Sunday in the valley.
Flowers fragrant on the deck. Sunday newspaper. Sleeping later than usual.
On the way to retrieve the paper, I discovered the remains of the chipmunk, who thought living in the patio drain was a good idea. Wrong! His tail and entrails tell the story. Kitty has been sleepin somewhere in the house most of the day... the balance of nature at work.

Daddy and I watched Oceans 12 after breakfast. Windy took good care of Grandma while I went for a drive to get Daddy Taco Bell and Grandma butterfly shrimp @ the fabulous seafood in the mountains shop : LJS.

I've printed several pictures today: Barb n Ed in the wine country; Ronin and Zoey, etc. Please post more so I can share them!!!!!

Linda is fixin Grandma's supper, and I have to quit this missive to get Daddy's ready.

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