Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15 - payday - one month to the Anniversary - and who knew we would be doing this!?

Welcome back gentle readers...

It has been a fabulous day, here in the valley: First, the sun is /was shining in a bright blue sky w/ fluffy but none too numerous clouds. The hum didity was nonexistent and the wind light and variable along with the temperature [near ninety.]

Then, the ladies that help on Wednesday showed up - no excuses.

Next, I escaped to the market and to the bank, and the boulevard to check my mail, and just generally walked around the mercantile world looking for yard gnomes to place atop the lights beside the front door ( a picture should be placed here for those of you with no clue for what I am looking. )

Grandpa Stan [Daddy to some of you] has been in training to get back into the electric chair [power chair to those of you in the physical therapy business] and we will have one more day of PT on Friday to get this done. I've cut his happy pill in half to give him some desire to be part of the action and I hope it works.

Grandma Freda [Great grandma to some of you] is enjoying the attentions of her care workers and the phone call from Marg, who remembers all the fun they had with the husbands playing cards, eating popcorn and just hanging out. She said she remembered that I made brownies... who knew I baked at one time???
A mysterious knock on the door and a "Howdy Miss Freda" led us straight to Bill Kerzak whio brought Mom some snap sugar peas and blue lake greenbeans straight from his garden. Bill told me how to fix them to eat with out cookin' em. And told us about Frances and the trouble walking w/o her cane. She can't do the steps or she would be here to visit. He's been working w/ a friend to put down a floor. We are all getting too creaky to do much of that kind of work ;-)

The Fiery Red petunias on the deck are in dire need of water - two straight days of low humidity.

The Chrysler Garage fixed the LHS (power steering pressure hose and return hose) to the tune of **$%^&*#@# - but after research with a knowledgeable fellow - Linda's husband, I discovered that the repair is very difficult on LHS because the works are hard to get to - ergo the gigantic-enormous bill.

I'm going to Charleston tomorrow to be informed about retirement. Richard is driving and Pam and Val maybe coming along. I'm looking forward to it. We are also going to the State History Museum.


  1. While you're in Charleston, try to find out if the new State history museum is in the Culture Center or the Cultural Center I heard that was what they're discussing lately in that neck of the woods. Have a nice trip! I love you!

  2. JOhn was in C-town yesterday for work... must be THE place to be. Hope you have fun!!

  3. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you have learned in Ctown. Hope it is all good news. That is great that you will have company for the trip.