Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009 Rainy day -- again!

If this is Thursday, this must be Paris...
Today I will recount only the successes.Tracy (the physical therapist) and I got Daddy out onto the deck in his rolling chair. Yippie! and Horray for us.
The temperature never rose above 64 degrees today, but it was quite comfortable (although a tad bit wet). He did his therapy on the deck wrapped in sheets (the wind was breezy) and when the sun shines I'll bring out the cowboy hat we got in Yellowstone. I'm sure he's like his Tony Llama boots too.

The table looks good for checkers.

The ramp needs a little whittlin' at the top. There's a little bump, but it's big if you are pulling a wheelchair. And, I want Jeff to finish the boardwalk around the house with a platform at the bottom of the ramp so we can turn if we want to...

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  1. YAY out on the deck!!! The next time JOhn and I are in town, we will help get Daddy out again! (That is, if he wants to.) I think that is a FABULOUS deck and a great plan to get the wheel-bound folks into the SUNSHINE!!! :) Great job, Mama!