Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool, cool, Monday - July - mid way til Labor Day

Good evening gentle readers.

It's another rainy Monday. Yes, we are still here, if anyone asks.

The first image I saw this morning: the cat caught a bird (found its remains on the back porch this morning.) Now I have renamed her "Killer" and she will stay outside until she gets rid of the remains in her tummy.

Forty years ago tonight we saw the men walk on the moon. Stan and I were lying on the floor (there was no carpet on the floor at that time) in front of the TV in this very house. Mom and Dad had gone to bed. It must have been after 10 o'clock. We heard Walter Cronkite repeat: "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." Or, at least, that's what I thought we heard... Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and who was the pilot of the circling craft?

Thirty-one years ago, I was in United Hospital giving birth to my second child. It was supposed to be a "natural" event... no drugs. By the time she arrived, we had quite a cheering section: the nursing class from Alderson Broaddus College waited to see her born - their shift ended sometime around 11pm. The official date is July 21, 1978 so I'm guessing she arrived after midnight on the 21st (or I have the day confused ;-) and all this happened 31 years ago tomorrow and she arrived just before midnight...)

I made it to my Dr's appointment in Salem and tomorrow I have a fasting blood draw: thank God for insurance. She made several suggestions and all of them involve more tests - I got some x-rays of my knees and ankle and we are going to see if this pain has a name...

If the pain goes away with movement-stretching or activity, it is not rheumatoid. blood tests will help nail the name we will be treating.

Norma will be coming tomorrow around 11 or so for a visit -

Brenda is in the hospital with an angina scare (over night) so Linda and Sandy will work three days day shift instead of two this week.

Kim came to work today and brought Emmie, her little girl. We were glad to see them. Emmie and Delia played together last Friday, too.

Stanley stayed in bed all day [I didn't get him into the "electric chair" or out of the house - due to my Dr's appointment] and now he's not too engaged - he's watching NCIS and Linda is frying zucchini that Bill Kerzak brought over today for supper - too bad I have a fasting blood test tomorrow morning...


  1. John and I were just trying to remember the "exact" time I was born... I think my Birth Certificate says 10:53/6/8 p.m. ?! I was going to ask you, but figured you might not remember.... That would be 10-something p.m. on the 21st... heheheheh....

    Love you mama!!!

    Oh and happy BIRTHING day to you, Natural birthing Mama!!!

  2. Hey, that photo is at my baby shower for AMANDA!