Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Installment #2 Timberline!!! in late October

While I watch the news about the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, I thought I'd continue with our family vacation.
            We had a fun night Saturday. Tracy put together a slide show of pictures found in the attic. She didn't bring them all, but what she did bring were a hoot!  What great memories. I hope she can get them transferred to a CD so we can enjoy them again. 
             She set up on a table that projected on the wall next to the fireplace.  The girls, Zoey and Delia,  loved the blank spaces. They made bunny ears in the light.  We were surprised at all the photos Dad took, the clothes we were wearing, the family we seldom see anymore.  Everyone laughed and nobody cried, at least where the others could hear them.
           On Sunday morning, Cabin Fever got hold of us: Tracy and Keith went off to hike a trail. I wanted to shop and I got the grandkids (and their driver, Dad and their Mom/Aunt) to go with me to the new Canaan Valley lodge (gift shop) and restaurant.

 The wind was brisk and the temperature was cold, so we didn't stay outside very long. Everyone wanted a photo op with the beautiful fall colors!

 You can see why we took two of this lovely pair ;-)

 That's better!

When we discovered that the restaurant stopped serving at 2 and would reopen at 4 or 5, we decided we couldn't wait there to eat. No snack bar for us. We need real food. So off we go to Big John's Fixin's. It's a kind of Chucky Cheese in the Mountains -- games for the kids--skeeball and other arcade games, and trains for the Dad's to watch and 'play' with.

 We were hungry and freezin, but we mugged for the photo. The
Strothers caught up with us soon and we all ate macaroni and cheese, meatballs, and other weird fixin's from the buffet bar inside Big John's. I told you - we were hungry!

After that load of carbohydrates, we went home to the cabin so Tracy and Keith could pack to go home. We took the family photo with Dad, and Trisha was the expert photographer then. I hope she sends me a copy ;-) hint. hint.
The next installment is Monday on our way home...

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