Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Et Cetera Timberline 2012

 Random shots of our family vacation. There are three more entries that follow this one. Keep scrolling ;-)
 view of screened in side porch

 view of the wall Zoey balanced on

 view of top front of the house

 Bar in the great room with view of the deck, grill, and the door to the screened in back porch.

 The foyer, stairs - up and down, deer antlers on the sconces.

 In the great room, couch against the outside wall of windows.

 In the great room in the leather chair beside the fireplace.

Our girls mug for the camera.

She's calm, cool and collected. That's Dad on the cabinet in the hall.

S'mores in the fireplace every evening.

We did laugh a lot!

There was a goose on the table.

Overlooking the great room - the upstairs lounge.

Don't forget the stag over the fireplace. I did not get a photo of the bear soap, sorry.