Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday - but NOT sunny

The weather is its own circumstance. Overcast all day - 84 most of the day. 
I have acquired a webtop account that has messed up my access to blogger - so when I try to rsvp to anyone's bog (Trisha and Amanda), I can't leave a message.
*Amanda and Todd's movie is very cute: The WV sticker on the new Jeep! Thank you, Uncle Johnny.
*The latest from our Watoga weekend - good photos and good memories. thank goodness for spellchecker om this blogger, too.

This has been a really long day. I haven't had much energy to do anything, but I did have hot dogs from T and L ,,,
Any one recognize these little beauties? they are a rough ceramic- hollow like drinking glasses - one has a metal bail?

Took the bags of trash from the porch at the Boulevard and put them in the driveway for the garbage men.   I was dripping with sweat even though the sun was not out from behind the clouds.

I drove to the cemetery and chatted with Mom n Dad. The grass was neatly trimmed and the flowers (faded a bit) were still good, as was the flag. [Best the place has looked in several months]

Saturday, Leah and I had lunch together at the Dutchman's daughter in Fairmont. I had the grilled chicken livers and she had the tuna sammy. I must be the most exciting blogger on the planet with these stories...
And, in late July, Zoey enjoys the forbidden ice cream with Grandma Pat, Delia, and photographer-Mom Trisha.
The rain has arrived right on schedule = 6:25 or so. And it is really coming down. Glad i got that trash to the curb earlier today...

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  1. Is that a box a drug paraphernalia? J/K!
    Glad you liked our video. :-)