Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day back at work August 2012

Well, Familia:
        I survived the first day back at work. We had meetings at the high school. Not the kind of day one would think that would wipe out the energy of a veteran (seasoned) teacher.
         What, probably, did wipe out my energy - the excursion into the State Parks in the mountains of Eastern West Virginia.
           Leah and I ate a lovely buffet (beef noodles, pot roast to-die-for, and berry cobbler) lunch at Penn Alps, toured the craft shops, refrained from buying and drove off - looking for adventure.
           The day was beautiful and the road was blacktop - no holes, dents or divots - all the way to The West Virginia State Parks: Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley. 
           The road, although straight and clean, was LONG, too long. We got to the Blackwater Lodge, ask directions to the cabins, drove around and took photos, saw the famous falls from the "easy" overlook and remembered all the times we had been there before with our families.   The cabin I wanted is rented and the others are on hold for a conference the weekend we were looking at. So NO Blackwater weekend this October. I'm too afraid of snow in the mountains.
     We drove to the end of the long road in Canaan and began the descent into Harmon...(I saw the road to Timberline, but we were too close to sunset and I didn't want to drive through the rain (predicted for "before 7" by the weather report at the lodge) and the fog on those unfamiliar mountain roads.
            I didn't cover my head; we got to Elkins by a little after 6PM through rain and fog. We had a buffet (stew and sweet potatoes, Kings Hawaiian bread...) at the steak house to the left of Hiawatha's , then we left for Buckhannon and Weston and Clarksburg, and Fairmont and back. I got home at 9:30 or so.
          We took photos of our adventure, but something won't let me upload them. 
           Final thought: I think we should find a FLAT LAND VACATION PLACE for our reunion - (Near the Ohio River) And you can comment or call me and suggest an easy to get to hide a way.
Love to you all...


  1. What a lovely trip! Sounds like fun. I'll meet you at Penn Alps sometime.
    Post some of the photos, haven't been to Blackwater Falls in a while, Ed & I spent our first wedding anniversary in a cabin there. Fireplace and snow, it was great.
    Also have photos of you and Stan on ice skates at Canaan - and memories of riding the ski lift with Daddy in his elder years - he said "Barbara, I forgot my legs don't always work when I stand up - how will I get off this at the top?" LOL, momentary panic, but he did fine.

  2. Glad you had fun on your trip! Did you decide not to go to Timberline then?

    I bet we'll have just as much fun anyplace we all go together.

    Hope your energy comes back soon! I love you!