Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday

Well I really blew this day away. I am such a lazy person.
On the good side, I did get more copies of my birth certificate from the courthouse (to mail with my retirement request, my passport request and my social security if needed). I should have: called the eye doctor and got lined bifocals, cleased out more papaerwork at the boulevard, organized my office. But, hey, who wants to do work.... most of that stuff is dependent on SEEING the paperwork (which I don't do very well just now)
I found some cool signs while floating 'round the interesting net.

I hope they post upright (not sideways like most of my recent photos)

1 comment:

  1. I'm enjoying your lists. I want to add to them...go to the library...go to a movie...listen to some really good music...walk in the woods or in a pretty place...
    I especially like "Remember there are always cupcakes"
    We have good cupcakes in Rockville, you can always come visit your sister. I promise I'll get you some cupcakes.