Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding Reflections

Trisha and I arrive at the hotel. King size bed. Plush room and we love this destination wedding vacation.

After the rehearsal, we all went to the pizza place. Mary, Todd's daughter, is studying for the AP finals next week and enjoying the festivities.

Bride's Mom and Dad, Groom's Dad, too. We are all anticipating the speeches and tons of food to come. Salads, MANY Pizzas, special finger food, and lots of wine and beer.

A better photo of half the wedding party- Todd's Mom n Dad, Todd's son, Pam and Johnny. We are not seeing Bob n Sandy, Joey, Todd and Amanda and Brenda. I suck as a photographer. Trisha is across from Joey and beside Mary.
Hey everyone - I have pictures from my I-Phone to share. I was not the photographer of record, so, the photos will be from random places. I hope they can add to the joy of the occasion. So here goes...  Well, I see I need another entry for "the rest of the story".

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