Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here we are again...

Here we are again. Sunday evening - the end of a weekend. What a glorious weekend of sunshine and warm temperatures. Mom's rambling roses are blooming out front - they're red and old-fashioned (not big and rose like, more like the 4 petal kind.)

My backyard project is well underway: many bags of marble chip are now empty - the new location - off the back porch, under the eves, along the boardwalk.   Half way done. Still have to go round the corner to the front by the deck...

I've been flower selecting since last weekend. got some beautiful purple petunias with white borders and some pink to orange sherbert colored geraniums in a big pot. Today I got some more shade loving orange to red double bloom impatience, and a couple of plant stands.  this could be a great place to sit during the summer evenings, if I get most of it done pretty soon...  The peonies are blooming all over the place - pink and white beside the patio, pink by the driveway, red under the maple tree up on the hillside by Mr. Vance's driveway.

I washed the car at the car wash yesterday. and got the next two bags of marble chips at Marsh's along with the geraniums.

I took the electric lawn mower out for a spin, too. Long cord-just annoying. Need some black electrical tape to "FIX"  a part of the cord I must have cut at one time, but the mower and cord still work.  the boy who now cuts my grass is cutting corners, not coming every week either. I cut a small patch under the maple tree; will have to trim the down hanging branches for easier grass cutting pretty soon,

The boulevard looks bad. I took some weed killer over there today and hit the weeds in the sidewalk and the landscaping wall. I need to get the hedge trimmer and the long electric cord to get into the hedge, which is blocking the sidewalk.  The hedge is not mine, but the tenants next door don't know that evidently.

Joy called. Uncle Timbuk is still in Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh. His ulcer is being treated with antibiotics. He still has much fluid. Probably because his heart is not pumping very well. His feet are red and somewhat swollen - making it difficult to walk - which is important to recovery. 

wondering what the survey crew will find when they get here... made me think about the drainage from the highway that I can't get to now that the big tree has never been taken away... thank god for a mild winter - no water running down the driveway from the overflow bathtub in the system = I'm not going up there with a shovel. Not me.

Two weeks til freedom. Then I'm going to Charlottesville with Leah for a week. I bought the rooms in the hotel for 5 days, so we'll have a place to sleep ;-)  Then - look out world: I have no more excuses.  Well, maybe.  I want to take Trisha and Zoey (and maybe Delia) to DC. And I want to take all of them to the beach for a couple of days, if we can work it out... Why not, I say!  

Got any suggestions?  Send them my way.


  1. We're planning on heading to San Diego in July if you'd like to meet us there!

    1. I flew over San Diego on my way to San Francisco. Your invitation brings back happy memories ;-) What are you going to be doing in San Diego? Sorry to turn down the offer - east coast beaches are easier to put into the plan on the spur of the moment. And that's how I roll right now :-) I'll keep 'on the lookout for' news and photos from your adventures!