Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding Reflections part 2

We spent the morning of the wedding at the pool in our hotel. Barb n the gals went to the Biltmore. Ed and Joey came back to take us to lunch at Arriba...

We saw these sprites as we disembarked the van at the front door of the Biltmore on Friday evening. Amanda and Todd were already taking photos of the "get-a-way"...

Random shots as the photographer took the real thing: Barbara and Joey - Ed off to the side. Check out Todd's shoes!

Bride Amanda and her brother, Joey. See the shoes?

Better Photo of Amanda, if it can be cropped by the experts ;-)

Family photo for the Bride... getting ready for the two families together.
 Great, if you can crop it ;-)

So here are the next day's photos - the Real Wedding Day.

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