Saturday, October 8, 2011

October - three months

Another beautiful day here in the country. 
Reds, golds, greens -- all over. And such a sunny cloudless day. 

JJ came yesterday and cut the grass here in the valley; today he came to the boulevard and did the same. He says he has a buddy that can come help move stuff from the boulevard over here if I want. I'll have to clear a spot. I emptied the filing cabinet at Park of all its papers; left the hanging files inside. Spent about 4 hours over there. Brought home 5 boxes and threw away 4 bags of papers...

Leah went to The German Restaurant today. Her treatments won't start until they run tests in the next couple weeks...and then draw the platelets

I got energy about 11:30 to go out and work. I still have much, too much, to do for school and all the other stressful paperwork I must do. But, I have a new alarm clock (and if I can get the correct batteries) and I'm almost set for restful snoozing... just as soon as I wrestle the mattress pad back on the bed...

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