Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday night as I watch Letterman

Hey! I just spent hours cutting out aluminum  foil hearts for LINKS class tomorrow. No more procrastination for me! I learned my lesson. Even if I couldn't get to the copy machine to make the handouts, I made the hearts (for cyber-bullying: the lesson) ** New Idea #1:  LINKS is one 30 minute class in the top of the morning, one day a week. an adviser-advisee thing... the more things change, the more they stay the same. I am loveable and capable (1970's style). I handed out Warm Fuzzies, too, back then but the school bought them.
Now, new idea #2:  I now guide my homeroom through PE exercises or supervise them at play in the gym while they earn PE credits, unless they are choir members (who are excused 3 days a week for choir, of course, or kids who are remanded to study hall because they are failing math, science or English.)  With a little help from my friends, I'll get 'er done! Sandy and her family made a CD of music to exercise by: YMCA, The Chicken Dance, etc. Too Bad the school didn't think of that; it wouldn't cost 'em much, but this new assignment does take personal resources to make it successful (and we don't even know if it will count for PE credit)  I took bowling for PE credit in college... probably should have taken kick boxing (they didn't offer that in the 60's)
At school, and across the area evidently, the internet is "down"; two days now. Frontier is trying to fix it, but now that my lessons are pinned to some use of the interesting net, it is really unreliable. And of course, I'm gonna be "evaluated" on the times I use it anyway - working or not. We have a mock on-line gubernatorial election tomorrow - couldn't do it any earlier, the internet wasn't working!!!!
Personally, I'm gonna get a flu shot tomorrow after school. Leah will be vulnerable since she's going to get the transplant sometime in the next two months. Doctors say her chances are really good for long term success against this multiple myeloma. She's going to the German restaurant on Saturday the 9th and then to Ruby for the stem cell extraction on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday... two times a day at 7am and 10 at night... what a schedule... my life is not tough when I think of that.
Gotta love that VW commercial for the Passat: and the little Darth Vader. I smile EVERY time I see him and his exasperation at not moving that doll...
Punchey? Not me, I've been drinkin' coffee for 4 hours - since NCIS and its little brother (NCIS-California) and whatever that was while I was writing the checks to pay the bills...
NOW, I gotta go set the alarm clock - Jack Hanna is terrorizing Dave with a BIG snake and now he's talking about Zebra Butts. What is the world coming too?
I'm gonna try and print this. Wish me luck. Dave is almost over and I gotta get some sleep.


  1. I love the VW commercial too!

    Its funny to think how my life/our lives revolve so much around the interesting net - whatever was I doing so much of back in 1985, before you and I selected that Apple IIgs for me?

    I remember the CB radio I had sitting on my sewing machine cabinet. "Breaker, Breaker" skwak squeek.

  2. haha! Todd's favorite commercial is that VW one.