Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Baaa-a-a-ck.

Autumn is officially underway.  Today is Sunday, appropriately named, and life is slow and sedate.
Trisha is hosting a baby shower for Amy. John is in Columbus - will he make it back in time to baby sit? Tracy is musing over the computer in Morgantown. The "Big Game Saturday" is on the books the already; WV lost to LSU. 
The second time I woke up this morning, Indiana Jones theme Song from Temple of Doom was emanating from channel USA, where I was surfing early to find the final score to the Big Game - since I turned it off before half time and went to bed...
Around here the grass is growing; the cat is keeping the mouse population under control;  every day is a good day at Taylor County Middle School; the laundry is calling my name... you get the picture.
I've lost a lot of spunk since I last blogged.
I'm feeling OLD.
I'll let you know what the miracle cure is when I find it.


  1. Keep on keeping on! And you know I did more than play computer all weekend! But you can't be to careful on a Game Day - these sports fans we have can get crazy. Love you Mom.