Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday - Forty Years Ago Tonight

Hello Everybody
          I'm glad I'm not related to Mel Gibson or the mother of his little girl. Talk about STRESS. I'm watching Joy Behar on HLN and the chatter/gossip channel. It's 9:30PM.
This has been one heck of a day.
          I was late getting up again.  This weather seems to be drawing all of the strength out of me.
After some delay, I started out to the "Other House" (like "Your Other Mother" of Coroline fame...) and watered the flowers there before I left to get gas @Kroger and the Electrolux hose in NutterFort. La, la, la, la...  I talked to Timbuck about the basement and whom to hire.

Now, I'm watching the NASA channel - much more appropriate: The anniversary of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon. 1969 - 2010. They say 40 YEARS. (I think it's 41. What do you say?) Congratulations again, Apollo Astronauts!

Then I get the call from Linda: the nurse thinks Stanley needs a chest x-ray. So, I okay the trip to the ER via EMS and now its 1:15... He got there about 2 and when everything was done we were dismissed @ 7:15 - so much for the "couple hours" I had hoped for. Durn Dr kept leaving to save lives...

Linda and Sandy stayed with us; then, they went home to prepare for his arrival; then they took care of settling him in. And, they cooked our dinner.  Boy, do I feel cared for.
Tomorrow - I'll try to take care of "Park Boulevard" again.

Oh yea, I saw a cool desk at a yard sale (in the rain) probably won't be there tomorrow. Or it will be ruined by the water... Just what I need  - - - more stuff...... Guess what kind of furniture it was?! if you are the first correct guesser, you may get a surprise!!!!!


  1. I can only guess Haywood Wakefield - because that's the only name I know that could be special.


  2. You are the first CORRECT GUESSER. AND, it's your birthday. Special surprise was spoiled when I stopped by today to see if I could get the desk. It had been (and still is) sitting under a plastic sheet in the yard of this rundown house on Milford. The whole place reeked of dirty body smell. The desk was spattered with muddy water residue. Needless to say, I did not get the desk. Nor did we need the desk. But a special prize awaits YOU the next time you visit, because YOU are the first correct responder. And that just makes my day special, too.

  3. I wonder if that desk would fit in Delia's room? Muddy water washes off, and a little lemon oil and/or beeswax goes a long way towards defeating stinky smells. Sometimes it feels like I can only love things that are broken in some way. Good thing we have plenty of stuff like that around here.