Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's News: Rain in massive amounts, sporatically appearing on the scene.

Mundane details of the day: Humid, ocassionally overcast, but sunny, no rain before noon here in central WV.
  • Linda and Sandy went to breakfast and WalMart before coming here at almost 10 o'clock.
  • I called Leah to get our brunch date rearranged. We changed plan to get to Bob's about 11, now.
  • I decided to go to the boulevard to water the flowers and see if Jeff is working there today.
  • I do and "No"; then to the bank.
  • Call Leah and tell her I'm coming - but she's in C-burg, not Fmt. TG I called ;-) we'd have missed each other.
  • Mindy got her "new" car [Gold PT Cruiser] and had the oil changed - They met me at Bob's. Girls' lunch out. Yeaaaah!
  • After, I decide to drive to Mgt to get the sink and lights at Lowe's, but first the faucets at HomeDepot.
  • I noticed the time. It's short. Can I make it? I try. Wreck #1 on I-79 at Goshen Road. Time lost 15 minutes or so.
  • At Lowe's, sky is dark. I find the stuff, get a guy to load it for check-out and a guy to put it into the truck (sink and petestal in the bed, w/bungees; lights and med cabinet in cab w/me.) TG for VISA.
Thunder rolls, sky opens up and dumps inches of rain on the truck and me. I wait 15 minutes then try the interstate for home ... rain, traffic... (but first a stop at SEARS in C-burg for the microwave [Sharp and stainless] in the front seat...
Wreck #2 on the other side of I-79 after I get on at the Meadowbrook Mall exit... But I'm coming home and it's raining again... again.. again... Linda unpacked the microwave. Sandy carried it up the stairs.

Will the chair lift man come this evening? He's supposed to...
He did. Chair lift is fixed. Paid for, too.

And the rain still falls...


  1. My day was not as exciting as yours. Also no rain here today- yet.

  2. We didn't get rain on Friday, it waited until Saturday here. Didn't get nearly as much accomplished as you did!