Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

My life really IS a country song. It changes depending on the day.
Today is Tuesday. Sandy called at 8 to say she and Linda wouldn't be in to work today: she had things to do around the house, and Linda had her grandchildren [boys btw the ages of 7 and 15] to care for. Besides, the state is putting a closed til 4:30 sign on her road, to stop traffic while someone fixes something.

So here we are. I decided not to bath or shower. H***,  I'm on VACATION for two more weeks...
Besides being a beautiful day, it's senior discount day at the market.
But I am keeping house today.

I began to run the sweeper; it's amazing what kind of dust I can see when the sun shines. I'm getting sweaty and "in the mood to clean". Then, I hear the beep of the answering machine. I've missed a call. It's from Madeline, the speech therapist. (If we don't answer, HomeHealth mightnever call back.) So I hear she will call again in 5 minutes, so I sit w/o turning on the sweeper... Then I get tired of waitnig, give Stan the BELL and say, If you hear the phone, ring the bell. LSS: he doesn't ring, but I get finished and hear the phone: she's coming in three hours.  Yay, I have time to clean something....
[sounds of me dumping stuff into the middle bedroom, smells of me with Orange oil wiping things, sounds of me "ooofing" and tugging on furniture] Hey, there's something besides dust under this bed... I can't get down to look... I could move the bed.... or not. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but I have no place to put it so it stays right where it is.

We get a visit from Madeline, the speech therapist, who told us to use lemonade to encourage muscles in the throat to swallow. He perked up for Madeline, listened attentively and seemed to enjoy her visit. She's coming back next week, for her follow up.
We have not heard from the blood work taken yesterday, but I will call.

So, there you have it. I'm cleaning, tossing and re reading or re-stuffing 'stuff ' I found last time I cleaned, but could not find a place for.  I need a new hairstyle. (I also uncovered the scales...) All this could be blog topics for future days.
Hope you day was productive.

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  1. Delia and I are taking a break from preparing for the yard sale. She really perked up when her Dad told her that keeping her things nice improves their resale value. Maybe if we start now, she will avoid forming attachments to random garbage.
    I love you!