Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day or Sunday in the Valley - May 10, 2009

It's just like you remember it. Green, sunny with a cool breeze. The grey squirrel escaped the hillside and made it to the silver maple in the front yard to play today.

Noone is moving inside. Grandma is sleeping after a bout with the "after breakfast cough"- Grandpa Stan is watching TV and waiting for me to dig up something for lunch. Windy is waiting for G'ma to rest before she gets her lunch @ 3.

The details of our lives are not very exciting. But the weather is gorgeous, and the weather changes daily, of course, so that give great fodder for writing.

Mebbe, yesterday's activities will be more exciting to talk about:

Grandma is officially 87 years young.

There was cake: two layers with lemon glace spread between them. Yellow and bright orange roses atop a background of white icing. yummy.

There was food: Rigatoni, meatballs, salad with tomatoes and that special dressing -oil and garlic. There was Italian sausage and peppers for Dad and Ed.

There were cards: a plethora of them - birthday and mother's day... beautiful.

There were guests: Barb n Ed; Trisha and Zoey; Windy and Linda; of course, yours truely.

There were presents: Trisha brought cards and pictures and we loved them! Linda brought gowns (and flowers from her yard.)

A good time was had by all... We missed those not in attendance, as we do at all family get-togethers nowdays.

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