Sunday, May 10, 2009

And a Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Yes, evening has come to the mountains. The photo above is one of green and cool WV, so I thought it best to switch headers to invite summer to come along soon!

We, here at the farm, are full of oatmeal cookies (Thank you Tracy). And enjoying the brief pause between getting ready for work tomorrow and getting ready for bed tonight.

Tracy, Keith and Delia stopped by to wish us all a happy Mom's Day and give gifts: Grandma Freda her Birthday card and cookies, me a lovely storebought card and bamboo ring freshner.

Grandma enjoyed their visit and so did Grandpa Stan who wolfed down the Subway sammy that Keith brought at my behest. ( I thought no cooking was a way we could all enjoy the day with no clean up either...I was informed that Subway was subpar inthe sammy department -- and we won't do that again...)

In retrospect, we had a nice time and everyone survived this meeting limbs intact. Yes, Tracy got her Mom's Day gift from Trisha (Thank you) and her card from Me.

School will be over for the summer soon. Delia has a fieldtrip to Prickett's Fort on the 22nd of May. And I will be finished sometime after June 9 - there is an "academy" on the 10 and 11 or the 11 and 12...I'll check my calendar later. And so it goes... whether we want it to or not.

Happy May, gentle readers.


  1. what is a bamboo ring freshner?

  2. The fabulous ring can hold a gel that smells like heaven scent. Place it in your favorite out of the way spot to get a wave of "above (par" fume)s.
    I'm so punny, I can hardly stand myself.
    It's nice, no matter how oddly I described it.