Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday of avoiding school work

Welcome to the ramblings of a frozen chicken. 
Metaphorically speaking. 

As you already know: The hot water heat is on the fritz; probably sprung a leak Thursday, which is the cause for the rattling pipes from Hell, to awaken me in the middle of the night. 
It's not too awful cold here tonight, in the mid part of spring. Last night was 27 tonight in the 30's. 
I put the foam along the bottom of the garage door to keep out the draft, turned the thermostat down to 63 (to keep the pump from kicking on) and now the kitchen thermometer is registering 68 with the water boiling on the stove. 

The back bedrooms are colder, of course.  
And I have plenty of quilts and, of course, the cat, if she is still talking to me (after I let the stray sit on the window ledge in the sunshine this afternoon - they had quite a conversation when Calico woke up from her nap in the chair and realized she could see a stray cat on her ledge.) 

I heard from Jean B. who is having her house repaired and discovered she needs her roof repaired also.  Jean has been in the ER at Ruby for pain this past week - diagnosed with a UTI and sent home.  I guess we should not and cannot ignore real pain.

I heard from Leah who is getting a short length of hair on her head. Some color, not much length to see if it is straight or curly. She is driving a little. Mindy has been hit hard by this "flu bug" that has most of the people throwing up their toenails and fever and aching. Everyone at Mindy's has had the flu. Now Leah has the sniffles, but she is awaiting spring so she can walk up the hill to Mindy's house and she is still taking her Phys therapy regularly. We are still planning a trip to the south to see Rob in the first week of June

Sunshine indicates I should have a professional facial. (fat chance) Got the tweezers and did it myself. I know tmi. I saw a co-worker who is about my age wearing skinny jeans on Friday. She looked like a teenager. I, on the other hand, look like Jabba the Hut. And so goes my life: It is what it is. Cannot change that instantly, if ever. 

Something I stole from a Facebook post.

I got the clipping from Joy about Tracy's "interview" in the Dominion Post.  The link is on her blog, if you care to read the article. Such a pretty daughter and such a nice write up. I'm still rereading my letters from Trisha (and Susie.) Trisha's photos are super cool Hope she keeps up the challenge. I got the wedding invitation from Amanda and Todd. It is beautiful and unique. I saw the place to RSVP and I will.

Now, I am going to the basement to check on the laundry. Life here is not exciting and sometimes not even interesting.
But "any day you are above ground is a good day".

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  1. Thanks for the RSVP. Stock up on sunscreen... forecast calls for 90 that weekend.