Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another bea-u-ti-ful Saturday in WV

Hey Everybody, the sun has set again this evening.  
          We had a little wind this afternoon, but nothing was disturbed for long.  This entry is just an FYI for you'all. The laundry is almost finished; the bedroom has been swept and dusted [score #1 for me ;-)] the house has been "aired out" now the windows are shut again and the cold air remains - even more than the usual cold after sundown. 
           Seems like this is a Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio that I heard about somewhere...John Denver...
           I spent Friday in meetings at the Bridgeport Conference Center - where we were treated very well by the Government. Food was excellent and the lessons were relevant: WV Geocaching and ArcGIS lessons . I wish I could say I got it all right here in my "butt" as the joke goes, but it was too much for me at the time and I will need a lot of time to figure it out.
     Since no one but family reads this blog, I'll give a shout out to the cookie maker - those big cookies looked really enticing, and to the photographer - I love those every day smile photos - keep up the good work, ladies!
       National Treasure 2 is on now - I'm going to go back to grading papers (beginning to grade papers) and enjoy the views of Mt. Rushmore (glad to say Dad and I saw it together.)
         I got your card. I love the sentiment and the stickers and, of course, the photos!!!! What a surprise.  Hope to see you soon, both of you. Love, your Mom.

I borrowed this from f/b and wanted to read it better so I'm posting in this blog. It goes right along with what I'm thinking.

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