Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suddenly Sunday

It's suddenly Sunday (night, that is) and I am gearing up for another work day tomorrow. I'm sitting in the "office" watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (for the first time - I don't pay much attention to the Potter World generally - but, I saw the others this weekend and I wanted to see this one.)

I tried a new pot roast (today) and it was good. Cooking has never been my strong suit, but clean up is something I usually do pretty well. I am just so slow at doing everything it seems like.   When I finally go the car out of the garage, I drove to the cemetery, then to the stores. I got another pair of jeans and a t-shirt to wear to school.  I'm into my "other" wardrobe now. I stopped a Kroger for butter n eggs. Got a PeCAN pie too.

Yesterday was a good day for cleaning and straightening up: car wash, mail pick up, laundry.

Yesterday, the sun went too quickly for dusting, but the little houses got their dusting of "snow" and all's right in their world. 

I talked to Leah. She's doing well. not to go back to doctor for a while. They'll take the pic line out tomorrow. Check her low grade fever and send her out into the world.

Today, I've been out to the cemetery to change the flowers on Grandma and Grandpa's headstone/bronze plaque. Evidently, the owners of the land held a candlelight ceremony on December 2 (Friday night) and the luminaries have not yet been picked up. I didn't get out there in time to make the Christmas bouquet for the ceremony; but someone had rearranged the Fall flowers and moved the flag (we need a new flag anyway)

I can't get it to turn upright. Just tilt your head ;)


  1. Thank you, Mama, for putting out the flowers. They are really nice. I also like the fact that Grandma has a hummingbird... I never noticed that before. :) I guess, when there, I can't really look at it very closely.

    Thinking of you!!! :)

  2. I like the Christmas bouquet. Wish I could have gone with you. John and Pam visited Tommy , John, Aunt Rosie and Bob ( her first husband) this weekend with arrangements for them.
    Grandma picked the hummingbird, she liked that too.