Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let the vacation begin...

Today is the First Day of Winter.

          It is also a day of work for me (paid of course) and a half day of "time on my own" stolen from a previous incarceration and doled out by powers-beyond-my-control to me today. So why do I just want to sleep?

          Dr. Oz suggests "wear yellows and white"; lose the "red" and "black"; sit in front of the light for 30 minutes in the morning or go outside and watch the sunrise. Sleep (only) at night; eat figs for the minerals they possess, and tart cherries at night for the melatonin they create.  

            He didn't say "run the sweeper, clean up the kitchen, pay the bills, get the work done I've been avoiding; do the laundry, wash the car, get the brakes checked, change the light bulbs, " and the list goes on and on and on. I won't even list the Christmas things I have not done. But YOU know what they are.  The choices that I make may be the right ones for now, and not the correct ones for later; but "choices they are," says Yoda.  
           The following photos are keeping me "focused" during the happiness of the season. And, on a different note: My friend and co-worker, Lynn, has suffered a loss this week. Her husband, Bill, died yesterday of a heart attack - while she and her daughter were at school, teaching. The memorial service will be next week.

We are missing the photographer; however, she is standing on the porch of the Pretty Penny  taking this snapshot of Our Great Watoga Adventure. The porch pillar didn't hide me as I had hoped it would.
This would have made a great Christmas Card photo. Consider it so, says Yoda.


  1. My research says eat foods high in niacin, such as cashews and 5-Hour Energy drinks.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other, Christmas will be over soon and then we can get back to not doing regular old stuff that we oughta be doing instead of not doing Christmas stuff.

    I love you.

  2. Love the photos! Miss you all,