Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Monday. Sunrise 7:01

I don't usually talk about work, but today is Valentine's Day and I don't have much to say about the Saint of whatever he's the saint of... (He's not Cupid, not Mercury, Not Eros, who, then, IS he?)
Went to work driving into the SUN- mailed the bills on the way - not too late - parking space available again - broke up hallway groups on my way into the room - same 'ol same 'ol...

The school day begins:
Student teacher working with projector attached to laptop computer (same was 'stored' by the science teacher) so we arranged to show map on the wall above my desk... later we got the powers that be (the custodians) to put in a work order to get my projector screen moved over the whiteboard behind my desk... I've been here for 20 years and never had the equipment to use the screen... not very aggressive, am I...
The Day Moves Right Along. Lunch from my very own fridge. Computer work on Lesson plans for studying Canada at lunch - when else do I get 15 minutes alone to think?

6th period is brought in on "the challenge to beat 4th period on the Canada test"... Mr. McCarthy offers to "do lunch" for the class with the highest average on the test. (2 weeks away) 8th period - to put it mildly - was a tough sell... We didn't invite them to the competition: they listened @ Trevor's story, but they returned to social aggravations to avoid the lesson... Some of these same kids are in my homeroom. 

tonight's homeroom is the "book throwing" brigade inside and the "tearing up the Valentine flower" brigands out in the hall. No good deed goes unpunished. These kids are too big for such immature behavior, right?

Too pooped to pop, I drive home in the daylight and cold windy evening after 4:30... stop at the Pantry store to fill up the tank... get stuck behind some guy cleaning out his car by the tank.. decide to fill up if the hose will reach the 10 feet back to my gas thingy. It does for 1 minute, then chokes over and over $3.13 later I drive toward the Boulevard to get the mail, then to Rosebud to pay the cable bill, buy the Rx, a Mylar red balloon that says:I Love You and a few get well cards -which I will space out over several days - for Trevor. And arrive at the valley at 6pm - an 11 hour day for the caregivers, who informed my they have dinner dates at Texas Roadhouse...
I'm glad there's still that skunky cherry wheat 'soda pop' in the back of the fridge. Happy Valentine's Day


  1. I'm pretty sure there's a bottle of the good stuff under the china cupboard. Life is way too short to drink skunky beer.

    Saint Valentine (or one of them anyway, there were 4) defied the orders of a Pope who said young men couldn't get married because unmarried men made better soldiers. St. V went ahead and married them anyway, and I believe he was martyred or something like that. Silly Romans! They should have stuck with Lupercalia and the goat sacrifices!

    I love you!

  2. Work is such a funny thing - I got a valentine from my "arch nemesis" at work, and also one from my boss (with two peppermint patties - heart shaped).
    Ed and I had a nice valentines dinner - cooked quinoa and turkey (green peppers, canned diced tomatoes, and onions too) into a variation of Spanish Rice. Making good use of the kitchen too.
    My new goal is to use a rice cooker, which I never have.