Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday night in the middle of a sudden spring thaw...

Here I am again.
Just blogging to kill time.

This time last year in 2010 - February toward the beginning of March

I have had a rice cooker several times in my past life. Some one either thinks I need to use one or that rice cookers make great (read that cheap) gifts. I threw them away - both times.

Dad is doing ok tonight. He didn't eat the salmon I brought home - too tough to chew and swallow. Since I have a broken tooth, I cannot chew on that side and everything goes to that side... so I know the food was not the best tonight. I fixed cheese manicotti from Hormel's selection of 90 second marvels. He ate a little, but soon got tired of waiting for me to stop watching the History channel's Modern Marvels: something to do with electricity, wiring Tessla, Cisco and the Internet.... I quit watching a while ago. And he got his meds and literally slumped into a sleeping/coma...

I got more 1099 forms this week - letter says: maybe more to come - until March 15; should I wait that long to ask the accountant to file the income tax?

The weather is windy and warm, not for long, I'm told - maybe snow next week.

I have to stay at school until 5:30 Monday next week. But I don't have to be there until 11. Maybe I can use that time to wash the car, or to lay in provisions for the coming storm --or shop.... the courthouse will be closed-it's Presidents' Day - so I can't do much business. I wonder if the lawyer got the faxed documents? I have never heard. No one ask for more money. The paperwork should have been filed Tuesday by the fudiciary, and no one has asked for more money... except the plumbers and the Culligan man has yet to send the bill although I know the cost already... I am so tired.

Tracy is coming to sit with Dad while I go necessity shopping on Sunday.

If I had a little unstructured time, I fear I would sleep it away.

A favorite photo from 2007?


  1. Sleep it away! Or practice some dance moves. Or take a walk outside, it is beautiful right now, though chilly.
    We'll see you tomorrow.

  2. You had to fax documents to the attorney? Ed mailed the ones we had, per the instructions. Hopefully, that will be sufficient.
    I didn't realize you had a rice cooker! I just bought myself one, had never had one before. They are fun to use and easy. Throw in 2 cups water and some rice or quinoa and chop a little broccoli, drop in pieces of chicken breast and in 20 minutes or less you have a pretty good pot of food.
    I'm reading Roger Ebert's book, The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker....