Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, what a difference a day makes...

Blue sky, smilin' at me; nuthin' but blue sky can I see.
Well, not quite... that's a jet I can see wit my Sony digital superspeedy shot.

March 7 - in the afternoon sun. I realize now I have posted the older snow pics last and these bluer, fair-sky pics first - they show the change but spoil the surprise - but hey - we've seen enough snow for a while.

Some people will pay BIG BUCKS to see these girls up close and personal. They visited us all winter and (I expect) they will be here in the summer, too.

The sky is looking brighter... even as the snow remains. Last weekend in February.

Too Much Snow, but this was the last snowfall for February 2010.


  1. Beautiful shots!
    We are so happy to see sunshine after our winter.
    Rain, no so much, but its OK too.