Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday night - no snow ;+) tomorrow in the 60's

From weather forecasts to geographic information -- the world is FULL of interesting stuff: personally, Grandma is doing better than expected, Daddy is resting and getting ready to sleep the night away, and I, who have just consumed a huge slice of pumpkin pie, am settling down to sleep - knowing I won't go to school again tomorrow. This is not the most blog worthy materila, but I don't think its stuff to post on facebook either....

here goes my blog attempt anyway...
The photo is the Ethiopian Rift in the heart of EAST Africa soon (10k to 100 thousand years) to open and create another Ocean in the midst of the desert... I love stories like this in the news. Much preferred over shootings and murders followed by Fox News in such great detail. I saw not one main news agency report this sort of interesting science/geography story except the internet and of course, aol.

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