Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day AFTER...

Greetings family and friends,

A little snow flurries are predicted on the weather shows, but so far - not much here in the valley. I've decided to choose the print I can read w/o my glasses. Does it bother you? These postings will be short, I promise.

We've spent the day eating: breakfast takes a while... then it's time for lunch - which I have to figure out from the frozen food I bought last week... tonight we will feast on little smokies while we watch WVU beat the hell out of Pitt at 7 on ESPN2 and cabbage.

Barbara told me to look for some stuff in the files to expedite the estate settlement, I did, I found it; and so we are on our way to settlement... in February I imagine. These things can take up to a year; but, I don't anticipate that.
I found a picture of a cute smaller house on line. I'd like to see inside it. I wonder if any of you recognize the location... It's a mystery you can solve if you have good skills ... hehehe.
If I can get it to post on this page, I'll send it up; if not, I'll make it anouther post by itself ( and it will be another mystery unless you've read this post. hehhehe)

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