Friday, October 2, 2009

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world." Buddha >|<

Just another day in the Valley. NOT. The season has changed appreciably - there is coolness in the night air. Dampness, too. The grass has been leveled. It's dark and shiny with rain. It's time to replace the outdoor light bulbs...
It's Friday. My three lives are going strong. Yes, I say: Strong!
Stan is in a good mood. He's having shrimp for dinner. Grandma is enjoying her stuffed green pepper. I am munching Oreo cookies and coffee (having partaken of a classic Burger King sammy and fries earlier this afternoon as I waited for the bank to cash the "girls'" paychecks.
Today was Denim Day: the wearer can donate 5 dollars and wear jeans (to support breast cancer awareness) and I did; so did my student teacher, whose appearance drew comments from his female students like: Is this dress-down day?
Last night must have been the FULL MOON because my 8th period class was unbelievable! They were so BAD. I'm dividing them for the next 10 days - I thought about dividing heads from bodies, then decided to just separate the bodies...
I heard that MaryAnn Merrifield is retiring at the end of this year. She'll be in Hilton Head by next Christmas... if all goes well... Cousin Susie is dealing with Life As We Know It on Boggy Creek (developers moving in to destroy LAWKI and she wants to fight them, but Hell - she's 7 years older than I am (old) so she leaves the meeting-bitching and fighting to someone else...) and I love to get her letters and read them to Grandma.
I still have to RSVP Aunt Donna and Stanley and get a 90th BD card for Uncle Ed -before the 20th of October. But before I write to them, I read the blogs and smile, laugh out loud and wish I could see you (gentle readers) every day.
We are eleven days into Autumn and about 80 days til Winter. Time to get the catalogues out and shop for comfort clothing. Or maybe I'll just go to Wally World and buy the usual, until the urge to shop goes away again... till next pay day...

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