Monday, September 7, 2009

Rainy Days and Holidays-all the news that's fit to PRINT


Greetings gentle readers,

It's another day in the valley, at the ranch, or beside the lawn [which reminds me of FOREST LAWN, not a happy association]. Forest Lawn aside, the day is unfolding in its usual manner: a 24 hour NCIS marathon on USA channel 29, the Jerry Lewis telethone on WBOY, and the rain falling consistently in the world outside our door.

I bought another printer yesterday at Staples - wifi, energy star rating (no tax) with independent ink cartridges - so I can replace just one if I need to. Ink was 88 bucks (just a tad bit more than th ink for my deskjet 6540 - 66 bucks...) MOney just grows on trees around here, ya know. But, this acquisition will allow me to work on the computer in the living room or Stan's room at night and keep the printer away from the living space (and I won't have to move it every time I move.)

Now I'm going to pay bills at the desk in the bedroom.

It's close to 11:00 and I imagine Uncle Ed and Mary will be here in an hour or so... I'll catch you all up on the news this evening.

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