Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, it's really June 10, 2009

I can't believe I kept writing June 10Th on all the checks I wrote Monday and Tuesday... I am wishing my life away...

The weather is soggy. If air conditioning goes bad, I am in trouble. I hate the sog...

This is my first day of summer vacation: I sold it for @ $125, before taxes, and went to meetings at GHS. And the same tomorrow. One of the door prizes (today) was a Fiesta Tea pot - the big one, in pink. I covet it. But I know I don't need it, nor do I have a place for it. And the teacher who got it is a friend of mine. She could use some cheering up. Her husband died this past April 2009 of an infected tooth. Cheery bog tonight...not!

Also, I could hardly keep awake during meetings today. I know it's time to do something else with my time here on the planet. I have a to do list: I won't bore you with it tonight, but Charleston and the social security office are on it. Can I live on 50% of my working income? I have to see what the real numbers are.

Stan is tired. Too tired, I think. Hard to wake up in the morning; too tired to raise his hands for most things... He's a paraplegic now; but not yet a quadriplegic - he still feeds himself. He asks for "dill pickles" often - it's a joke we have - since pickles and pills have similar face movements. He gets pickles, hot sauce, mayonnaise and anything else he asks for if I can buy it.

We haven't been on the deck yet. It's been a week. Too rainy and I'm not sure I can get him through the hall and over the threshold. The threshold is a bump I think I can take out, I just haven't, yet. It's stil rainy out there most evenings anyway.

We haven't many visitors ever. It's like we live on the outer ring of the solar system. Jerry and Ruby are the last people who actually talked to Stan and me (in the kitchen) for more that 3 minutes. Stan doesn't seem to want to come out of the room, or maybe he feels it's
too much trouble" - who knows - I can't get into discussion/arguments over that - there's too much effort involved in trying to communicate "why and why not".

Well... that's the top of my mind tonight. For good or ill, that's what I chose to write about. On a happier note: the dryer is fixed, and now the bel is ringing. I gotta go.

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  1. I was tickled that we made Stan laugh when he realized you and I were dressed alike - again!

    Would you believe the "verification" word below this box is "poomash" That is just crazy.