Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is it about beautiful weather that demands I write about it?

Today is Wednesday - powerball night - I forgot. I guess I'll never be the millionaire.

I am looking for a project to keep me occupied. /Flower growing - potting is going slowly. I should take some pictures of the deck to show you - looks like Lowes garden spot ;-)

Anything is better than the "work" I have weighing on my feeble mind. the accountant's bill, I need the advice of an accountant... the guys who did Mom's taxes, not just a random accountant... The doctor's appointment I must make.. not any Dr. but a specific one. aughhhh

work: the retirement board phone call. double aughhhh.

The weather is looking better and better.

Dr. Isha is going on maternity leave to have her daughter who is over due.

Random thoughts from jack Handy are lookin good to me too right now. Who has a book of quotes I can borrow?

Tomorrow is Thursday - I need a new photo for the header - some one send me one please.

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  1. Let me know who your Lady Doctor is, I need to go see one, haven't been since Delia was born, and I figure since I have insurance I oughta go get my cervix scraped and my boob smashed in a vice and all that happy crap.