Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25 - just a 29 days til MY BIRTHDAY (as if you didn't know)

Yes, gentle readers - I have delayed writing for several days. Things are new in C-burg:

1. it's now Wednesday evening February 25. I have completed my parent-teacher conference for this 3rd term [yesterday evening](see hobo teacher blog for a similar experience.)

2. My son-in-law called me with THE news. We can handle it.

3. Our care giver Kim called to confirm "she has shingles" and can't come to work for at least 5 days. I've already called two other people - no luck at hiring a "fill in"...

3. I have a new book- Caring for your Parents- the complete AARP 12 bucks.

4. I am reinventing myself tonight via Kahlua and ice. I would have done wine but I saw on tv [on NBC and it MUST be TRUE...] that wine and drinking in general causes cancer... heck what doesn't cause cancer?!

4. my cell rang in was Dr. Bragg's office: Stan's InI was OK continue the drug at 4 1/2 mg. but I had to request another script for 4 mg [right there in front of my 24 students.]

5. Some math coordinator wrote an email stating she was using C wing for math field day on Saturday-that means some kids might be in my room ...where are the locks on the desks and cabinets.... do I have to hide the tv contriols...

6. Some body wants my job, or my room, certainly not my parking space: it's handicapped... Someone asks me everyday Are you gonna retire soon? I wish...


  1. ummmm... What is THE news?! I know my husband didn't call you....???

  2. Thanks for the warning (I mean reminder) about your birthday. I know what to get you now, I saw a sign outside Ashebrooke Liquor outlet that I can get half a gallon of Lord Calvert for $16. Although vodka is my "self medication" of choice.

    Keith called me right after he called you, he's sick about it, but we know a good body shop and the plastic trim over that fender needed replaced anyway!

    You should call Constance if you're in a pinch, she will help you. And if you're already drunk, it won't be so bad!

    As for Math Field day, Delia has a recipe for a wicked Stink bomb you could booby trap your sensitive drawers with - then you could smell who got into your stuff. :)

    I love you!

  3. You created quite the viral marketing buzz with that "THE news" quip. The cat's out of the bag now. It's not as bad as all that. When I looked at it at midnight in my office parking lot you couldn't even tell, which made me feel a lot less throw-uppy.

  4. You really scared me with THE NEWS...
    Gheez, is that all?

    Keith, think of it this way: Someone makes a living fixing these things.
    You are doing your bit for the economy to keep that person happily employed for yet another day.

    I remember the time Mom backed into Ed's brand new Camaro on the patio. He didn't even cuss. What a guy!