Monday, August 26, 2013

Another beautiful weekend in the Valley of the Sun, West Virginia

Greetings familia, I found these family photos on my computer and thought I'd share. Leah sent them. I haven't explored the vast number of photos I have discovered here in the basement and here in the closets. I hope you enjoy them. We have lived an eclectic life and we are from hardy stock.
The lady in this photo is Amanda Olive Wright Snodgrass, my paternal grandmother.

The couple pictured here are my paternal grandparents: Clem Joseph Snodgrass and Amanda Olive Wright Snodgrass.

Granddad Clem Snodgrass and Cousin Leah Lucille Snodgrass about 1955...

Me and Aunt Audry Snodgrass 'making applebutter' Leah is taking the picture. Maybe in 1990?

Too bad we can't read the calendar...
Saturday and Sunday were just beautiful here in West Virginia - cool nights and warm sunny days, lots to do and much to think about.

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