Sunday, July 28, 2013

What a beautiful 'Last' Sunday in July 2013

What a beautiful Sunday Morning! the cool air has arrived (from somewhere) and the temperatures have dropped from the very hot and very muggy lower/or occasionally higher 90's of two weeks ago, to the mildly cooler 80's of last week to the predicted 70's of today.

The following photos are the people and things that bring joy to my life: 
The Legacy!

The 5th birthday

The girls are coming late this afternoon for a mini sleepover; tomorrow they will go to Morgantown to bond some more in that cultural event 'back to school shopping' or some such excuse. We are really having a mid-birthday party (not a late celebration not an early one). This year the magic numbers are 35 and 39 and, of course, 66. [also 5 and 13 parties already over and yet to be held] I'm planning watermelon, ice cream sundaes, and maybe cup cakes - something to set the flames upon.

The Summer of 2013 has gone quickly. School was not over for me until mid June. By then we had had a plethora of events: Tracy and Keith's anniversary (over the Memorial Day Weekend)

Zoey turned 5 in June.  See those photos of her Miss Kitty BD?

Delia spent a night over here - we went to see Despicable Me2...

It's been a rainy summer in WV. Some weeks the rains came every day.  It was even difficult to find a day to cut the grass.  'Indecisive me' let several opportunities to empty the house fly by - so I still own it and have to pay the taxes and deal with registering it as 'vacant' with the assessor's office. Bummer.

Through f/b and Tracy, I found an artisan, Sarah H., who offered to look at the stained glass windows in the garage with the intent on appraising them for sale. She brought a friend to the garage to help move the windows to photograph them and he wore flip flops. After he stepped on a board with a nail sticking out, we quit looking at the windows and took him to the hospital ER for a tetanus shoot and an x-ray. (I called Jeff to put the widows back.)  She's been busy since then. I have tried to track down the original prices of the windows and some of their history. That's a story for another paragraph.

Brenda and Sonja have helped me clean out some of the stuff in 'the house' - Brenda is a friend from my days teaching at Flemington and my friendship with Jean Burton. She does the hard work of dragging stuff to me and moving it downs stairways; Sonja is Jeff's wife and she carries stuff to the car and truck and helps box up - we were on a roll until we went to the basement. Brenda boxed up all the fluorescent light bulbs; Sonja got her son to drive the trash of the ceiling tiles to the dump - things were coming together. Brenda swept a path; Sonja started her plan to clear the shelves - then we opened a cabinet door and realized we had a problem.  The solution had to wait until after the Boy Scout Jamboree, and that ended this past week, but the guys have not called me to set up a visit at this time... and Sonja went home to can beans; Brenda lets me cancel every Tuesday...

I used the 'free time' to get the oil changed in the LHS - and the garage said I had a problem with an oil plug so I spent a couple days at the garage waiting for a solution there... I have an appointment for Tuesday this coming  week.
The 15th  anniversary party at Coopers Rocks ROCKS!!!!

Last Fall - my family together at Timberline- November 2012

Summer Fun 2013

Checking up on my health. Until I shake this depression, and this medicine I'll just say Ouch.


  1. You've had a pretty exciting summer! Love all the photos. Sounds exciting about having the people look at the pretty stained glass windows. Hope that person is OK. Never fun to need a shot.

    1. I got the bill for Nick's ER visit.over $740.00
      Ain't life grand?