Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's FebRUary in the 21st century

Hey Everyone,
I'm back - blogging again.

Watching a rerun of National Treasure TWO.
What's on my mind?
Here are some random shots I found while looking around. Maybe you remember some of them.
Everyone loves hugs!

First day of school for Delia.

Dad at Yellowstone (2006) after I talked him into buying the hat.

That magic turns this sideways - a scrabble win for Keith.
An old acquaintance of mine died this week- John Fuscaldo - He graduated from Victory in 1965; he died suddenly at 65 and he was best known as a cop in the area. Once he was a substitute teacher in my classroom at Flemington. He got so mad at one of my classes, he threw a book down hard on my huge desk. My wooden desk had a glass covering it (I inherited that from the last teacher who taught English there); but the glass was sitting on a paper with a paperclip on the corner. And the corner of the glass top broke. He walked out, walked down three flights of stairs, got in his car and drove off.  I think he came back when he cooled down. I wasn't there and can only recount what I was told. John was a good man; he just had a hot temper. School teaching wasn't his 'thing' but he worked in law enforcement until he died.  I hope he was happy and this death wasn't too much of a surprise....

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  1. Love the photos and the neat story. I'll bet you didn't have to twist Stan's arm to get him to buy the hat!
    I know how your sub must have felt. Teaching is hard. May he never have to sub in heaven.