Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday - the first day of a 5 day week at school

I went with Grandma Freda to the ER last night right after dark. I rode in the Emergency car. She was holding her head repeating "I'm sick." Linda followed after us later, in her car. She called Sandy to stay the night with Daddy.

Linda stayed with us all night.

Kim called off this morning, she hurt her back helping her husband build the shed for their outdoor equipment. Brenda thought she didn't have to work today. At around 9am, I called her to come in and she got there around 10 ish, so Sandy could come and pick me up and then go home. I showered picked up a few things and got back here in time to see Dr. Woofter. Linda will be back to stay over at 9 til I get here tomorrow morning. I will miss another day of school. I need to call school right now to get intouch with my "team" about tomorrow.

Grandma is sleeping. Not eating or drinking much - will have iv fluids, her mastoid bones checked by an ENT, her pacer checked and a finger stick every day for coumadin. Grandma was right about the torture chamber being on the 4th floor. I'll tell you more later.

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